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"Cleaning is not just about getting rid of dirt. 
It's about creating an environment of peace and serenity, a sanctuary for the mind and soul."

Deep Cleaning

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We give your hotel rooms a new spark.

It will seem like a whole new different space providing fresh, clean and comfortable sensations.  

Your guests will feel completely at their ease and be happy to revisit your hotel.


Happy Guests

is our goal as well

Most guest complains 
are about cleaning 

On-site Training

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On-site trainings are without a doubt the most important part of our education. 

Talking about something is one thing but seeing it with your own eyes makes the difference.

What does "deep cleaning" of a hotel room mean?

Mattresses, sofas, chairs, carpets or other fabric              items will be cleaned with a special device (Hyla)
➤ cleaning every power outlet thoroughly
➤ remove dust from all skirting boards
➤ washing and refreshing curtains
➤ deep cleaning of all surfaces, corners & edges
➤ deep cleaning and desinfection of the remote control
➤ deep cleaning of TV, Radio, Lamps...
➤ cleaning all (wooden) surfaces & apply antistatic oil
➤ cleaning all sieves of the faucets in the bathroom
➤ dismantle the siphon in the bathroom, clean it and              screw it back on
➤ clear and clean all bathroom drains of impurities
➤ remove limescale from all areas in the bathroom
➤ remove mold and stains from tile joints
➤ remove mold completely
➤ deep cleaning of the toilet, bathtub and shower
➤ ...

everthing will be fresh, clean and offers a very pleasant smell

How to stand out?

Hospitality industry is getting more and more transparent and comparable

Google search: ranking 1-10 belongs to booking portals (e.g. holiday-check.com, booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb...)

Increasing demand from guests (customers)